Something BIG is coming | DEALSHAKER - The Game Changer

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Something BIG is coming | DEALSHAKER - The Game Changer

There is a most awaited and an exciting news for ONE COINERS, The Community of above Three and a Half Million People.

One Coin Members

That is, the new platform of ONE-LIFE eCommerce PlatformDEALSHAKER, is ready to launch in the coming month and it is consider as a game changer for the whole crypto market. Reason? Because of more than Seventy Seven Thousand Registered Business and Three Lac and Ninety Six Thousand Individual Merchants from 130+ Countries that accepts ONE COIN as a mean of payments.

Dealshaker Game Changer

About DealShaker :

Dealshaker is an online deals marketplace and advertising service provider with a membership-based customer base. The platform enables business-to-customer and customer-to-customer deal promotions in combination of cash(EUR) and the new-age, mass cryptocurrency ONE COIN. Ads are grouped based on geographic area, business category and type.

DealShaker aims to empower all who want to take part in shaping the future of finance by using the virtual mass cryptocurrency ONE as an exchange of value.

The DealShaker team is lead by its strong passion for the sustainable development of an innovative platform, empowering one of the fastest growing networking communities in the world to spend and sell in fiat (EUR) and cryptocurrency (OneCoin). In a rapidly globalizing world, our aim is to become the meeting hub for shopping lovers, wandering adventurers and for all Internet users, searching for something new to do or try, no matter where their whereabouts. One Platform that accommodates both client and merchant and caters to their needs, where the merchant can be client and every user can sell.

DealShaker website is launched in February 2017 last year by ONE Life Company. In the last 18 months, more than 150 Million ONE COINS are used in the form of payments. Onecoin is the first ever Cryptocurrency which is being used to buy goods and services.

Inside news that the new design of Dealshaker will be released in the coming months and the One Life Company is looking to compete it with AMAZON and EBAY. (Todays Biggest eCommerce Markets).

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-Today DealShaker platform have more than 150,000 deals offers and is present in 130 countries.

-Convenient work with computer and through mobile phone application.

-Integration with Facebook. 

-The new platform is developed to work as a social network, where you can create groups, upload photos, comment on posts and chat with friends.

-Transactions will be automatically approved.

-Search engines like Google (when you are looking for products, we will offer similar products by brand in the region).

-Refund (from the transaction we get back in the encoded currency).

-The KYC process is simplified.

-Connect the Pay Pal payment System.

-It will be possible to make an auction.

-The "CoinBack" a rebate system is generated by buying in order to create more usability.

-Companies will be rated on a ranking that will be generated by the points that accumulate, according to their sales.

-The Google Map Locator is linked to publications, which will allow to see the geographic location of the offer.

-Similar products will be shown in other places when considering an offer, which will allow to choose the best price.

-The "DealShaker Franchise", which will allow some IMAs to become DealShaker franchisee for merchant management and deals, Trinidad & Tobago's first franchise was granted King Jayms OneLife Diamond, organizer of the first Caribbean DealShaker Expo.

-And Much More ...

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  1. Countdown has started. Are you ready?...

  2. Opportunity for One coin members to spend their coin.

  3. very good step. Why such delay. Maintain the speed & process. Also make search options with criteria to find easier.

  4. 원코인이 급등되는 시초가될것이요^^

  5. Eddig is nagyon jó vólt, de ami most következik az lesz igazán áttörő.

  6. A DealShakert mindenkinek ajánlom, még annak is akinek még nincs coinja, hiszen bármikor szerezhet. Személy szerint én már vásároltam is terméket és szolgáltatást is,sőt a vállalozásom is hamarosan látható lesz az oldalon, és akinek van coinja az már vásárolhat is az üzletemben.

  7. Good to see but I not believing okk....

    1. Hope is the key for world. Lets c dude what someone gets

  8. Excellent.... onecoin will b no.1 crypto inshaAllah

  9. All world only onecoin no 1 coin

  10. onecoin will be the world's best coins one day Insha Allah

  11. One of our team member from Iraq has bought a new brand car 100% Onecoin on 18-10-2018. So, usability is real and big and Onecoin is the best cryptocurrency and ready for mass adoption.